Thursday, April 17, 2014

Colleversity Tips: Post-it Notes, Post-it Notes Everywhere

Post-it notes are nice.  They let you instantly write notes and attach them to almost any surface.  They are excellent for reminders.  No matter who you are or what level your education is, you should use Post-it notes.

Digital Post-it notes are excellent because they are shown to you every time you enter your computer.  You can easily edit and "discard" digital Post-it notes.  These are handy for typing up quick notes and reminders.

Physical Post-it notes are just as good and aren't restricted to your screen.  You can post these notes everywhere.  You have something of utter importance, post your notes in places where you'll always see them, such as on your computer screen (on top of your digital Post-it notes) or on your phone screen.  Post them on your room door or on your mirror.  Post them on your friend's walls and share them with everyone.  Use them as dividers in your textbooks and labels in your notebooks.  There are so many useful applications with Post-it notes.

Post-it notes can be used similar to planners.  The difference is that Post-it notes can be easily placed in various places and they can be easily discarded.

In conclusion, Post-it notes are an excellent way of making color-coded reminders and notes.  You should find ways to implement both digital and physical Post-it notes in your life.  They are extremely useful for succeeding in college, university, work, and everywhere else in life.


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