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How To Easily Gain Instagram Followers - The VerusAnimus InstaFollowMethod

There are many articles online about how to gain Instagram followers.  I came up with a creative and easy way to gain Instagram followers.  I'm still fairly new to Instagram - I only became active at the end of summer 2013.  The following method looks takes a psychological/statistical point of view.  I came up with this idea simply through observation who interacts with my Instagram account, experimentation, and creative thinking.  Maybe someone else has thought of this idea but as far as I know, I discovered it myself.  I thought I would share my discovery with you all.  I like to call it the VerusAnimus InstaFollow Method.

Please note: If you follow my instructions then this method has very high probability of working - it has worked consistently for me.  The reasons for it not working is if you "travel" through an unpopular #hastag, it's not a busy time of the day and you don't like enough pictures.  This method is significantly better and simpler than many of the methods out there.

I have noted that there is a trend on Instagram where if someone "likes" your photo, it is common courtesy for you to "like" theirs back.  This sense of reciprocity is especially apparent when people like multiple pictures.  Of course, not everyone "likes back."  Anyways, this InstaReciprocity is the basis for my method.

The basis of my method is to creatively and inconspicuously advertise my account.  It selectively targets people.  For most people, it is fairly easy to receive a single like and not like back.  However, people have a higher probability of liking back when they receive two or more likes.  I begin my InstaFollow method by initiating InstaReciprocity.  Here are the steps for easily gaining more followers:

  • I choose a hashtag that tends to have lots of pictures.  I “travel” through cyberspace to places such as #Seattle, #Vancouver, #trees, #snowy, or #railway.
  • Once there, I choose a type of picture to focus on.  For example, I focus on scenery pictures.  Of course, you don't have to focus on any particular picture.  I have discovered that having a genre to focus on makes the process go faster.
  • I scroll through the hashed pictures and tap the ones that fit my focus.  I like that picture and enter the user's page.  I check if they have a ratio in which their "following" is greater than their "followers."
  • If they fit that requirement, I like one extra picture.  I only like one extra so that it's not obvious that I'm advertising my channel and so that I can speed up the process of targeting more users.
  • If the hashtag I'm in doesn't have the proper ratio, I travel through a different hashtag and try that out.
  • While I have gotten followers from around the world with foreign hastags, I tend to use local hashtags since "local" people are more likely to follow other who post pictures of similar interests. For example, #Seattle, #Washington, #Oregon, #PNW, #PacificNorthwest, and #forest works well for me. 
  • Please note: I discovered that sometimes Instagram automatically "unlikes" some pictures if you double tap too many in a row when entering from the hashtag portal.  Just be careful about this.
  • Anyways, since I like at least two of the user's photos, they would have a higher chance of feeling committed to enter my account and like my pictures back.  Remember, not everyone does this - that's why I have to repeat this process for multiple pictures for about 15+ minutes.
  • Since the targeted users have a higher "following" to "followers" ratio, they have a higher probability of entering my account, liking my pictures, and following me.  
That's it.  It's that simple.  If you do this for multiple pictures for an extended amount of time, you are guaranteed to gain comments, likes, and followers.  I have gained numerous likes, followers, and comments every 40 minutes.  Sometimes I wait longer because I like to see the mass notifications.  This may not seem like much to some people but for me, it's a lot since only a couple weeks before writing this I had less than 70 followers.  

Remember, this can be time consuming.  Don't get stuck doing this.  There's a whole world out there to explore!

Some may note that this method is similar to the "scroll down and like everything you see" method.  In some ways it is and in some ways it isn't.  That method doesn't really attempt to gain followers.  It just likes every single picture.  My method is more streamlined in that the target is people with a higher "following" to "follower" ratio.  This method may take a couple more seconds per photo but at least it will result in easier followers.  

The whole process is a creative method I came up with by using lateral thinking after observing human psychology behavior on Instagram.  For those who think this is cheating, it's not.  All it is is very good "advertising."  I don't spam people's accounts an I don't force anyone to "click my user name" and follow me.  I don't want people to feel obligated to follow me.  All I do is make my account available to them so they have the free will to follow me if they like my pictures.  It's different and it works.

Thanks for reading this and good luck gaining more followers!  If you use the post in any way please credit me by citing my blog, my Instagram (@Verus_Animus), and my real name (Joel S. Atienza).

Also, check out my video for a real-life demonstration and proof that I gained 120+ followers in one week! 

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Shoutout to all my present and future followers!  Thank you! I couldn't have done this without you all.

Joel S. Atienza aka VerusAnimus
Electrical Engineering student
University of Washington

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