Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Throwing SALT Packets [The Origin of SALTY Salt Packets]

Last summer (July 2014), my younger (but not youngest) brother started to use the term "Salty" to refer to people being mad about a particular outcome. It was used in a competitive situation, such as losing in a free-for-all Super Smash Bros. battle. Think of "Salty" as a form of "You Mad Bro?" It's not supposed to be insulting, it's more of an inside-brotherly-taunt thing.

Anyways, later that summer I came up with the idea of collecting salt packets at restaurants to toss to my brothers whenever they were salty. Come to think about it, was it me or my youngest brother who started collecting the packets? Hahaha. Later on we would use them as "currency" or "prizes". But mostly just to call each other salty!

It was fun. I even got the idea of collecting a ton of salt packets to wrap along with gifts. Salty. Lots of memories associated with that word and the salt packets. It's a playful thing with no superstition or the such attached.

Nowadays, my younger brother (not the youngest) is spreading the Salty fun to the University of Washington. Now his group of friends say Salty and throw salt packets at the salty person. It's cool how this trend is emerging.

I wonder how far in the world and in time this salty fun will expand.

You Salty or Nah?


Joel S. Atienza aka VerusAnimus

PS: Don't be salty!