Sunday, September 14, 2014

Bass Drop KOs | aka #BassDropKOs or #BDKO

At the beginning of this summer (Summer 2014), my younger brother came up with something creative while playing Super Smash Bros: Project M. [Note: Project M is simply a mod of Brawl].

The thing my brother came up with is the Bass Drop KO.  It requires LIVE MUSIC with drops (preferably dubstep). Keyword: LIVE. It involves making an awesome KO during the match at the point the bass drops.

Here is a simple technical definition I came up with:

Definition of Bass Drop K.O.: A smashing K.O. that occurs at the Bass Drop of a dubstep song that is playing LIVE (or equivalent beat for non-dubstep, upbeat songs...but then it wouldn't be a Bass Drop KO anymore, would it?).

It's fun to play with these songs.  We would mute the TV and play our own music to the game.

Here is one of the first LIVE Bass Drop KO videos we recorded:

More Bass Drop KO videos can be found on my sibling channel: Wecantify.

For the full playlist of #BassDropKO videos, click here. *Note: It is on Wecantify's 2nd channel. We don't want to flood the main channel with #BDKO vids so we put the others in the 2nd channel.

Enjoy the Bass Drop KOs and if you make any, be sure to tag with with #BassDropKO or #BDKO and share it with me!


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