Sunday, February 18, 2018

Two New Neat Instagram Tricks (2018)

I've learned a couple neat Instagram tricks. I guess I use Instagram a bit too much (as you can see on my account:

These tricks I discovered on my own and I thought I'd share them. These tricks may or may not be known but oh well, I discovered them by accident and I'm sharing them.

60+ Hashtags in one picture:
To do this, you need to act fairly quickly, so have your tags pre-made in your Notes app - you'll need at least two sets of 30 hashtags. You an also add them after posting but you have less than 5 minutes.

  • After you post, immediately Comment your 30 hashtags.
  • Then quickly go to "Edit" to edit your caption.
  • Paste your other 30 hashtags in the caption section.
    • I've been doing this for years so for an example, see any of my posts by clicking here
    • Save the caption. 
  • If you edit quickly enough again you may be able to add a few more hashtags. 
    • Beware though, after a couple minutes the picture gets "locked" and you won't be able to make any edits. 
Tag Accounts on Videos:
Normally, you can only tag people on photos.
  • If you want to tag people on videos (without typing their name in the Caption or Commenting), simply do a Multi-post.
  • Make the photo second. Before posting, swipe to the photo and tag people.
  • Remember, since the tagging limit for Multi-posts on Instagram (as of writing this) is 10 people.
Why would you want to do this? Everyone has their own reasons. I do it to maximize visibility. Trying to get Instafamous, you know?

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Hello Again

Wow. It's been 3 years and 1 day since my last post. I've just been so busy - a lot of life changing things between then and now has happened. There's a lot more to come too. Anyways, hello again.


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Throwing SALT Packets [The Origin of SALTY Salt Packets]

Last summer (July 2014), my younger (but not youngest) brother started to use the term "Salty" to refer to people being mad about a particular outcome. It was used in a competitive situation, such as losing in a free-for-all Super Smash Bros. battle. Think of "Salty" as a form of "You Mad Bro?" It's not supposed to be insulting, it's more of an inside-brotherly-taunt thing.

Anyways, later that summer I came up with the idea of collecting salt packets at restaurants to toss to my brothers whenever they were salty. Come to think about it, was it me or my youngest brother who started collecting the packets? Hahaha. Later on we would use them as "currency" or "prizes". But mostly just to call each other salty!

It was fun. I even got the idea of collecting a ton of salt packets to wrap along with gifts. Salty. Lots of memories associated with that word and the salt packets. It's a playful thing with no superstition or the such attached.

Nowadays, my younger brother (not the youngest) is spreading the Salty fun to the University of Washington. Now his group of friends say Salty and throw salt packets at the salty person. It's cool how this trend is emerging.

I wonder how far in the world and in time this salty fun will expand.

You Salty or Nah?


Joel S. Atienza aka VerusAnimus

PS: Don't be salty!

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Wow, it's been so long since I've posted. I may not be active here that much but I'm still active on other social media. Check out my photo blog of adventures on Instagram (@verus_animus). 
Just stopping by to say hi.

Colleversity Tips: How I write Essays/Reports/Research papers

I've developed an excellent way of writing undergraduate-level papers.  This is a very basic method that has helped me out a lot.  I will outline my basic steps.

  1. Open up two Word documents.  One will be your actual paper, complete with the formatting and such. The other will be your brainstorm document.  Alternatively, you can use scratch paper but it's more efficient to use a Word doc because you can save/edit/copy/paste with ease.
  2. Research your topic. Gather any and all specific links and put them in your brainstorm document. Categorize as necessary. Be sure to include the URLs and Dates Accessed.
  3. Write your paper.  Have the necessary pages open alongside your actual paper and start writing your paper.  Whenever you paraphrase or cite information, create a Comment Box on that text in your actual paper and paste the URL into that comment box.  When you're done, you will be able to cross-reference this source with your brainstorm document when creating your reference page.
  4. When you're done with your paper, go through your comments with the URLs and add your references as necessary
  5. You're done! 
  • These steps may seem vague, but this is intentional.  You should follow these basic steps and then add your own style of writing to create an excellent college paper.
  • Everyone's writing style differs. This method may or may not work for you. It works very well for me. 
  • Be sure to read through your paper for mistakes. Double checking is important.
  • Finish your paper early then come back later and read through it again to make any changes or modifications.
  • Be sure to always save and back up your documents
Good luck with writing your essays/reports/research papers/etc.!


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Love at First Listen

You hear a song. You fall in love with it (well, you really, really like it). It never gets boring for you, no matter how many times it's played on the radio, no matter what others say, no matter what event happens, no matter how many times you replay the song, no matter how old it is. They always bring you good feelings and potentially good memories.

My Love At First Listen Songs (as of Sept 2014):

Hero - All Insane Kids
Gravity Hurts - Cryoshell feat. Niels Brink
We Will Meet Again - John Siegler
Welcome to the World - Kevin Rudolf
Realm Overworld - Nintendo (TLoZ: Spirit Tracks)
Stereo Hearts - Gym Class Heroes feat. Adam Levine
Gerudo Valley (25th Anniversary edition) - Nintendo (TLoZ: Gerudo Valley)
Ballad of the Goddess - Nintendo (TLoZ: Skyward Sword)
Hyohaku + Kokuten - Naruto Shippuden
Summer Forever - Megan Nicole
Summer Love Jon Brian feat. Shayan
Lost (Jazz Instrumental) - Frank Ocean
Dark World Overworld - Nintendo (TLoZ: A Link Between Worlds)
Am I Wrong - Nico & Vinz
Take Ü There - Jack Ü

Honorary Mentions:
Biggest Part of My Life - P.J. Lequerica
Tennessee - Kevin Rudolf feat. Baby
Bramble Blast - Nintendo (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)
There I Go Again - Bruno Mars
Talking to the Moon - Bruno Mars
Happy Up Here - Röyksopp
Bravado - Lorde
Chandelier - Sia

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