Thursday, February 20, 2014

Colleversity Tips - Save All Physical & Digital Documents

It is good to always back up your things.  This tip is about backing up everything throughout your college and university years.

What should you back up?

  • Homework assignments (often in PDFs provided by the teacher)
  • Your homework 
  • Homework solutions
  • Lecture notes/slides
  • Practice midterms and finals
  • Midterms/finals solutions
  • Lab specifications
  • Lab reports
  • Data, Excel spreadsheets, relevant pictures
  • Codes - intermediate and final
  • Everything else
Additionally, if you know what classes you are taking in the future, you can visit those class websites and save the important files from those websites if need be.

How do you back up your files?

  • Download the files
  • Be sure to label them appropriately with the course number
  • Email the files to yourself and organize them in online folders, or
  • Save the files onto a USB and organize them there
I personally prefer backing up my things via email because I can access it from any computer without having to carry my USB around or worry about losing it.

- VerusAnimus

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