Monday, February 10, 2014

Colleversity Tips - Always Keep Your Keys With You

Note: I'm still new at blogging so I'm still trying to get the hang of this.

The following is a little handy trick I learned for never forgetting your keys.  This may or may not apply to you if you live in an apartment or dorm with a roommate.  This tip mostly applies to people who can be forgetful (especially when in a rush to get to class).

I learned this trick when I was in college. On a cold winter morning, I woke up a bit late for a midterm. I quickly took a shower and as I was entering my room, I found out that I forgot to bring my keys.  I also didn't have my cellphone as it was locked in my room.  If I had a roommate I probably could have solved my problems then.  But I lived in a singles room.  My only option now was to go outside and look for the residential adviser.  Luckily, I happened to bring clothes to with me.  I ventured into the outside cold and found the adviser.  Eventually, she let me back into my room and I made it to class on time.

I was in a rush so I forgot my keys.  A couple days before I was thinking, "What if I accidentally left my keys in my room? It'll never happen."  Turns out, I jinxed myself.  Where I lived, there is a penalty for locking yourself out multiple times.  I wasn't about to pay any penalty for forgetting my keys.  From that day on, I decided to do this:
Whenever I sleep, stick my keys in my socks. My keys consisted of only the room/mailbox keys so it wasn't that bad.  When you wake up, you don't have to worry about finding your keys (unless you kick your socks off while sleeping or you don't wear socks...).  In the morning, simply clip your keys to your pants or put it wherever you put your keys and carry on with your day.  Repeat.  In general, the common sense thing is to always put keys where you habitually check every morning and night so you never forget them.

It's been two years since this incident and I now live in a different dorm at university in a singles room (with penalties for locking yourself out).  My strategy hasn't failed me since.

If you like this strategy, I recommend using it.  If not, that's fine. Just don't forget/lose your keys!

- VerusAnimus

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