Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Enter Verus Animus

Hello world, I think I'm going to try out blogging.  This is my first blog ever so I'm still learning about how to write good blogs.  After a few entries maybe I'll get the hang of it, practice makes perfect!

Who am I?  I am Joel, known online as Verus Animus.  Presently, I'm an Electrical Engineering student at the University of Washington in my senior year.  I enjoy traveling around the world, taking photos and recording videos.

What will I be blogging about?  I'll be blogging about many things.  I hope to give advice about various things I've experienced in college/university and life in general.  I also hope to talk about whatever is on my mind.

Why do I want to blog? I want to be able to share some of my adventures, provide you with some entertainment, and give you some advice based of my personal experiences.

How's that for an introductory first blog?

Joel S. Atienza aka VerusAnimus

Connect with me: (this account is a wasteland but you can still like it =] )

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