Monday, September 8, 2014

iPad Glitches

I've had my iPad 3 for two years. Lately, I've been finding numerous glitches with it.  It's not a bad thing - I think those glitches are cool.

My iPad is jailbroken and it is still running the iOS 5 software.
The following are glitches I've discovered and recorded directly (via a jailbreak recording app) from my iPad.

Self-Moving Photo Glitch on the Camera Roll (This is the coolest glitch I've found)

iPad Glitch: Infinite Zoom Out Glitch [Google Chrome App] 

iPad Glitch: Invisble Square Icon in Camera Roll 

iPad Glitch: Blank Photo Icon Glitch on Camera Roll 

Enjoy the glitches! I'll probably update this as I find more glitches.


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