Tuesday, March 25, 2014

iPad Life Hack: Instant Photo Scroll

Are you the type that takes thousands of pictures on your iPad?
If you are, don't you find it annoying when you enter the Camera Roll app and it brings you to your oldest photo when all you want to see is your newest photo?
Well, those annoying days are over!
With this simple trick you can instantly scroll to any location in your Camera Roll!  

Check out my video for a demonstration:

Thanks for reading/watching!


Please note: I am not sure if this works for iPads on iOS 6 or 7.  I will update this if I ever find out.  My iPad is still on iOS 5.  I don't want to update it because I'll lose my jailbreaks. (I already updated my iPod to iOS 6 and I can't get back any of the jailbreaks...for the meantime at least).

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