Monday, March 17, 2014

Colleversity Tips: Save on Eating Utensils, Condiments, Napkins & Drinks

College can be expensive. One way to be resourceful and save your money is to collect complimentary eating utensils, cups, and napkins.

It's simple, really.  This type of money-saving method might be common knowledge.  However, if you don't know about this method, keep these bullet points in mind:

  • Whenever you eat out, go grab a couple extra plastic spoons, forks, and knives.  
  • While you're at it, get some extra napkins for your car and home.  
  • Don't forget the straws!  
  • If you like condiments, be sure to collect some extra packets of ketchup, mustard, hot sauce, salsa verde, salt, chili peppers, and whatever else you like!
  • If cups are free and there are a lot, go get some. 

Doing this will save you a lot of money in the long run. It will also keep you will supplied for unexpected moments.
Example scenarios for when collecting these items will come in handy:
- You never know when you'll need a couple straws or napkins in your car.
- If you run out of vinegar, at least you'll have an extra stash of vinegar packets ready to go.
- You want less dishes to wash so you use plastic utensils.  However, please note that it saves resources to wash and reuse your plastic eating utensils.

Before you do this though, it's important to determine if the establishment has any written strict rules against obtaining complimentary items.  Also remember not to be obnoxious and take too much.  Leave some for other people.  They need to build up their complimentary stash too.

When it comes to drinks, if your school has a water fountain specifically designed for bottles, simply reuse your plastic bottles!  No need to buy any fancy water bottles.  You can reuse Gatorade bottles, the water bottles that come in packages, or even an iced tea bottle.  If you want, you can change the bottle you use every few days or every week.  The point is that by reusing what you have, you will save you money as well as help the environment.


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